Welcome to Sabrina's Foundation

Our goal is to eliminate maternal death of pregnant and post-partum women due to vascular health issues. Vascular health failures are the primary cause of death for pregnant and post-partum mothers claiming over 500,000 mothers a year.

A loss of a pregnant or post-partum mother is a loss of a lifetime of unfulfilled memories and love, and the loss of bonding between mother and child is a grief only known by those that have suffered similar tragedies.

Pregnancy is a traumatic time for a woman’s body and many of the potential sources of vascular problems are not well understood and research into detection and cures is not well funded. Our determination to coordinate and fund research into detection and cures for these conditions is a direct continuation of the selfless concern Sabrina Dwan (Keene) had for other mothers and families in her situation, and to do everything possible to prevent their plight. Thank you for your interest in joining us to continue to strive towards the elimination of this type of tragedy.

Please visit our directory for a listing of our key officers, and our newsroom for our latest updates.

Mission Statement

Eliminate unnecessary deaths of pregnant and post-partum mothers due to cardio-vascular complications.

Primary Goals

To establish an endowment that sustains scientific research into vascular health in post-partum women, focusing on diagnosis, disease, testing, and treatment.

To support delivery of research results into medical communities that treat pregnant and post-partum mothers.

To collaborate, support and build alliances with other institutions which has similar objectives to Sabrina's Foundation.